Camp counselor opportunities in Japan!


Great challenges - Lifelong experiences

About us

Our camp was originally designed to create an intercultural opportunity for children living in Japan. As a way of providing them such an experience, we invite young adults from other countries to be their counselors. We have worked with many young adults who are currently studying in and outside Japan.
Our counselors need to have excellent English proficiency because one of the aspects of the camp is teaching the children English. English education in Japan is an area of concern in Japanese education. We believe the best way to learn English is not sitting and reading books behind a desk but having conversations with people and making it fun. We have tried many methods of teaching English such as games, art, songs and sports. Counselors don’t need to have English teaching experience as long as they have a great passion for trying new things and the ability to take responsibility for leading and teaching children.
As we are a travel company, we choose unique and interesting venues for each camp. We started our first camp in 2013 with Summer Camp in Okinawa. We have since added Summer Camp in Hokkaido, Winter Camp in Nagano, and Spring Camp in Chiba. We picked each location carefully for its own unique reasons. Okinawa is well known for its beautiful sea, Hokkaido for its wild natures, Nagano for its powdery snow in winter, and Chiba for Mother Farm with lots of cute animals.
Joining our camp program will bring you valuable experiences as a leader as well as a chance to work with other passionate young adults from all over the world!
There are great opportunities waiting for you in Japan. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Evidence 1

camp counselor BenI had a blast getting to know all of you at Summer Camp in Okinawa! Our conversations may not have been very in depth due to my inability to speak Japanese…but regardless, it was an unforgettable experience that I would repeat again in a heartbeat. You are all some of the most energetic, clever, and hilarious people I’ve met, and I hope that someday our paths cross again. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend a bit of your summer with you, and I wish the best for this coming year!

Evidence 2

camp counselor LizFor me, this camp was full of new experiences; taking care of kids, banana boat, and being in Japan. While it was overwhelming at times it was truly a special time and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Getting to know you all throughout the week was a great experience. Even though you are young it is clear that you each have a unique personality and strengths as people. I appreciate your courage to make friends in English. Often I find myself getting a bit too serious about life, this was a refreshing experience that reminded me to take it easy and have fun!

Counselor's advantages

1. A good opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture.
2. Experience teaching English and visiting an exciting place at the same time.
3. Counselors will get free accommodation and meals during the camp.
4. Earn volunteer experience and leadership skills with kids.
5. Upon your request, we will add your camp experience to your resume.

Camp schedule for 2019

Spring Camp In the end of March for 3 days
Summer Camp ( Recruiting!! ) From late July to mid-August
Winter Camp In the end of December for 3 days

Counselor's eligibitily

Main counselors: Ages 18 years old to 29 years old
Assistant counselors: Ages 16 years old and 17 years old or high school students
1. Enjoy working with and being around children.
2. have a mindset of being a mentor and leader to a group of children during a camp
3. Fluent in English
4. Are punctual, cheerful, reliable, responsible, team players